Frequently Asked Questions

This soft play area is created for kids up to 5 years of age. To keep your kids delighted it includes seesaw, caterpillar tunnel, building-blocks and a variety of games and toys. These games are easy to play and make the learning interesting and enjoyable. Your kids are safe here because the walls and floor are cushion padded.

Yes, it is mandatory to wear socks all the times as it ensures safe, homely and hygienic environment. In most of the play areas, it is required except a few. Guardians are requested to bring an additional pair of socks for their kid or they can be acquired at the front desk.

No, eatables from outside in the cafeteria are not allowed but parents can only bring water bottles for kids.

The party area is reserved only for one and half hours whereas the play area is reserved for two and half hours on that day.

Yes, you need to deposit 50% of the estimated booking amount in advance that is non-refundable. However, the refund may depend on the period of cancellation. The due balance should be payable on the party day.

Yes, we print invitation cards for birthday parties according to the theme selected. For more information kindly, contact the front desk.

You are only allowed to click photos from your mobile phones. Photography at professional level is strictly banned. In case, you still want to indulge in professional photography, a prior consent of management is required.

Yes, educational workshops are conducted regularly. For more information regarding the same, please reach the front desk.

Yes, your party/ gathering will be private that means only the party area reserved by you is open for you and your guests but rest of the area is publicly opened. In the play area your and guests kids will play with other kids until the entire area is reserved by you. Reservation of whole premises is available on the selected time-slots and days only.

Yes. It is necessary to sign a waiver on behalf of guests.

Your children are safe all the times in the play zones as the security professionals are always there to protect them.

All our toys are designed and made with high quality materials and meet the International Standards. To guarantee safety of all toys, we acquire certificates.


  • 1. A kid isn't permitted in the play zones with their shoes/footwear or shoeless. They need to wear socks consistently. Guardians are requested to bring an additional pair of socks for their kid or they can be acquired at the front desk.
  • 2. Kids who are unwell won't be allowed into the play regions.
  • 3. No food or beverages are permitted in the paly zones.
  • 4. Outdoors food is not permitted in the center.
  • 5. A few things are strictly not permitted inside the play zones such as sharps objects, gems, pens, coins and more.
  • 6. We cannot be held responsible in case of lost or stolen things. Please, ensure the safety of your belongings yourself.
  • 7. As much as we provide managers in the play zones, parents and guardians are appealed to keep an eye on their kids
  • 8. We will bear no responsibility of any injuries that may happen because of carelessness.
  • 9. Smoking is strictly not allowed
  • 10. Kids and adults are not allowed to chew gums.
  • 11. Kids who behave badly might be requested to leave the premises.
  • 12. The Children and guardians are appealed to keep the play zones clean constantly.
  • 13. Please discard the trash in the dustbins.
  • 14. Kids coming to attend any event or activities won't be permitted to utilize the play zones unless the payment for it is not made.
  • 15. To ensure fair fun competitions, there are restrictions to the kid’s age and height.
  • 16. All the personal belongings should be left outside either at the reception or with the parents/guardians/caretakers.
  • 17. Tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited, therefore, parents are requested not to consume them otherwise their entry is restricted


  • 1. Any conflict will be settled with the administration's final conversation.
  • 2. Kids DownTown bears no responsibility of any injuries that may happen because of carelessness of the guests.
  • 3. You may need to verify your identity to confirm age and family status.
  • 4. Kids DownTown claims all authority to deny access or expel anybody from the premises, particularly in case of arrogant/vicious conduct to different visitors or to the staff. Any harms caused through awful conduct and abuse will be charged to the visitor.
  • 5. Administration cannot be held responsible in case of any damage, lost or stolen private property of an individual